5 Tips To Never Making a New Year's Resolution Again

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Alright ladies, the holidays are drawing to a close and the time has come for you to see "New year, New me" everywhere you turn and to read through people's resolutions. The problem with resolutions is that the definition calls for a firm decision to do or not to do something. We are instead yielding and simply hopeful for an aesthetically pleasing outcome. The resolutions we make are like little wishes when we should be making big plans. Below are 5 tips to never having to make these faulty promises to yourself again.

1. Explore yourself
We know. How "Eat, Pray, Love" of us, right? Well as cliche as it might sound, getting to know yourself is the first step towards guaranteeing a healthy, happy and hopeful year (and life!) Get to know the parts of yourself that make you incomparable as well as the parts that make you uncomfortable. Expound upon those qualities that can’t be duplicated and once and for all settle those discrepancies of character within yourself. Pro tip-There's nothing more toxic than a toxic person not recognizing their toxicity. That's how it spreads to other people. As tempting as it is to tell you to keep that ish to yourself, you shouldn't even have to experience that façade you've mustered up over the years out of fear and doubt. Do the world a favor. Stop pretending that everything about you is pretty and zen. Everybody has sh*t. The sooner you acknowledge it and see it for what it is, the less of a chance you have of stepping in it later.
2. Change your scenery
Feeling like you're stuck in a rut? Sis, you just might be. Feeling stuck isn’t always something you can simply think your way out of. Getting out of your rut requires work and action behind your desire to do so. Sometimes in order to get where you want to be you have to get closer to who you are which means (stay with us here) getting further from what you think you know. If you're stuck behind the same computer, in the same cubicle or at the same fitness environment you could get used to the mundane and the mediocre when you were really destined for the innovative and incredible. Have a slaycation in your own backyard. Feng shui or redecorate your office. That doesn't mean you have to spend all your coin on an expensive trip but buying small things to make where you are currently the paradise you want to get to, goes a long way.
3. Be gentle with yourself
Absolutely no one is perfect. Despite what your favorite social sites may have you believe, that celebrity you're so swoon over has their own issues or qualms within themselves that they have to face as well. They wish they could do half the things you do in a day. Obstacles and mistakes are inevitable, we're human. The true test of character is assessing how we bounce back. We can choose to wallow obsessively over every detail of our mess ups or we can critically analyze them, find real ways to improve and remember that all things are working for our good to make us the women our younger selves have always wanted to be. So don't obsess over that random Insta-model. Instead, be thirsty for yourself. If that person has qualities you wish you had, look a little closer and you'll see how it reflects parts of who you already are. The grass may always be greener but remember, artificial grass doesn't grow. Get your grow on.
4. Make plans to progress
As much as we all want to be better, very few of us actually make solid plans to progress to the points we aspire to. And even fewer of us actually put our feet to the pavement and follow those plans accordingly. Life can be a toss up and can subsequently toss you to and fro. But you can give yourself the ability to feel less like a small boat on troubled water if you simply make yourself a roadmap to re-emergence. Start where you are and use your strengths as your stepping stones and your weaknesses as your ankle weights because as annoying and uncomfortable as they might be, they're going to promote resistance to any forthcoming challenges and strengthen parts of yourself you may have been ignoring.
5. Do the damn thing
You've explored yourself, changed your  scenery, became kinder to yourself, and planned for the future. Now what? Are you just going to stare at that vision board for the rest of your life? Not on our watch! Disclaimer: we love vision boards and you can totally make that a part of your planning in Tip 4 but life doesn't start and stop with the vision. You have got to set goals for yourself in spite of what your current perspective tells you you're capable of. You have this reservoir of untapped potential and we are encouraging you, no, we're imploring you to tap that! Go out and do those things that scare you or that you never thought you'd be capable of!
By planning, you are setting your GPS to greatness but you're never going to get there if you're too afraid to put your foot on the gas pedal. You've danced with your doubt longer than you've danced with your destiny. Time to switch partners girl.
By Daisy Lightfoot
Team YCO Active Senior Blogger


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